Building A Fire Pit: Having Fun During Coronavirus

Mike Kraus
4 min readMar 31, 2021


Building A Fire Pit: Having Fun During Coronavirus

With all the concerns and anxiety about Coronavirus (COVID-19), we need to find ways to slow down, relax, and enjoy the time we have to ourselves. To stay safe if we have asthma, heart disease, diabetes, overweight, have/survived cancer, or 50+ year old. Take a break from the numbers about infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Staying healthy also means time for relaxation. The benefits of unwinding are: slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, slowing your breathing rate, improving digestion, maintaining normal blood sugar levels, reducing activity of stress hormones, increasing blood flow to major muscles, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, improving concentration and mood, improving sleep quality, lowering fatigue, reducing anger and frustration, boosting confidence to handle problems (Mayo Clinic Stress Management). And what can be more relaxing than a night talking by the fire?

1) Dig a hole the size you’d like for a fire pit. This is about 40 inches x 40 inches with a depth of about 9 inches. (Call 811 or your local utility provider before digging)

2) Once dug out, tamp or pack the soil tight and level (Not really seen in this photo).

3) Lay out the cinder blocks in a level square. Fill in with some of the soil that you’ve dug out.

4) Next, lay some decorative bricks on top. Once in place, dump soil or sand on top of the bricks and try to rub it into the seams.

Remember to follow local and state guidelines before burning. And just so we don’t add unnecessary stress, here’s a link for building a fire: Once completed, you’ll have a simple, cheap fire pit that is easy to maintain, quick to fix, and simple to remove.


And, please feel free to contact if you have any questions or suggestions!

More Having Fun During Coronavirus

Health and Safety Considerations for gathering:

1) No indoor activities

2) No sharing bathrooms

3) Wash hands before and after gathering. Don’t touch your face.

4) Bring your own food, snacks, drinks, and utensils.

5) Do not attend if you have asthma, heart disease, diabetes, overweight, have/survived cancer, or 50+ year old.

6) Do not attend if you have or have had Coronavirus or showing symptoms (

7) Wear a mask and practice social distancing (

8) Limit attendance. Check local health department for guidelines and restrictions.

9) Talk with everyone about comfort levels. Expect and allow non-participation and last minute cancellations.

Mike Kraus was born on the industrial shoreline of Muskegon, Michigan. After earning his Fine Arts Degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he attended Grand Valley State University for his graduate degree. From there, he gained varied experiences from the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago, Hauenstein Center For Presidential Studies, Lollypop Farm Humane Society, and the Children’s Memorial Foundation. And every place he worked, he had his sketchbook with him and found ways to be actively creative. In 2014, Kraus became a full-time artist by establishing Mike Kraus Art. Since then, he has sold hundreds of paintings that are displayed in nearly every state and dozens of countries. Currently, Kraus lives in Rochester, New York with his beautiful wife and goofy dog.

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