🔴⚪🔵 Is Harming Americans Because of Faith Wrong? 🔴⚪🔵

Mike Kraus
Apr 5, 2024
490W near Mount Read Boulevard in Rochester NY

Is harming Americans because of faith wrong? Should kids be afraid because of the family they were born into? What about vandalizing places of worship? Think of what our community will be like in 5 years. Do we still have freedom of religion?

Our neighborhood is where we work, live, and play. And how we spend that time is important because that is who we really are. Do we really act kind, fair, and honest or are they just meaningless values? What did we do today to express our moral beliefs?

Together, we can enjoy each other’s company and be happy. We can care for our friends, family, and neighbors. And that kindness is reciprocated in many countless ways. So, let’s do something nice for someone today. Because, what we do is who we are.