Mumbo Jumbo Parlor Game: Having Fun During COVID-19

Mumbo Jumbo Parlor Game : Having Fun During COVID-19
Coronavirus/COVID-19 has left many of us speechless. So, let’s have fun and make a game out of it!

1) Getting Together — Make some snacks and beverages and gather your family/roommates in the living room. Don’t have enough people in your home or live alone? Invite people to play on Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or countless other virtual platforms.
2) That’s What That Is — Grab your dictionary. Don’t have one, use If you want to make this even more difficult, fun, “adult,” use the Urban Dictionary.

3) The Definition Is… — Choose a player who’ll start the game. That player will select an obscure word from the dictionary, but will not reveal the definition.

4) It’s All Made Up — One the obscure word is given, all the other players will write down a made up or guessed definition. When finished, they’ll give it to the player who chose the obscure word.
5) Does That Sound Right? — Make sure all definitions are written discreetly by using the same paper. If that’s not available, have a cardboard screen or other means to block the view.

The player who chose the obscure word will shuffle the real and made up definitions before reading them out loud. Feel free to use voices and act it out. Ham it up.

6) This Is a Democracy — Players will vote for the correct definition of the obscure word.

a) 1 point for every vote a fake submission receives.

b) 2 points to every player who guesses the correct definition

c) 3 points to the obscure word selector if no one votes for their word

d) 4 points to a player who provides the correct definition to the obscure word.

First player to 20 points wins. Or you could say whoever has the most points after reading two or three times from the dictionary.


And, please feel free to contact if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Health and Safety Considerations for gathering:

1) No indoor activities

2) No sharing bathrooms

3) Wash hands before and after gathering. Don’t touch your face.

4) Bring your own food, snacks, drinks, and utensils.

5) Do not attend if you have asthma, heart disease, diabetes, overweight, have/survived cancer, or 50+ year old.

6) Do not attend if you have or have had Coronavirus or showing symptoms (

7) Wear a mask and practice social distancing (

8) Limit attendance. Check local health department for guidelines and restrictions.

9) Talk with everyone about comfort levels. Expect and allow non-participation and last minute cancellations.

Mike Kraus was born on the industrial shoreline of Muskegon, Michigan. After earning his Fine Arts Degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he attended Grand Valley State University for his graduate degree. From there, he gained varied experiences from the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago, Hauenstein Center For Presidential Studies, Lollypop Farm Humane Society, and the Children’s Memorial Foundation. And every place he worked, he had his sketchbook with him and found ways to be actively creative. In 2014, Kraus became a full-time artist by establishing Mike Kraus Art. Since then, he has sold hundreds of paintings that are displayed in nearly every state and dozens of countries. Currently, Kraus lives in Rochester, New York with his beautiful wife and goofy dog.







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