The Morning Cup of Coffee

Brightscapes: The Way To Beauty

With sunrise at 5:29 AM, how am I expected to get any sleep? Ugh. I stammer out of bed to perform my usual morning routine of letting the dog out and all. My bones ache. I load up the coffeemaker with grounds and water. It gurgles and puffs. A steady stream trickling into the pot.

A mug full of caffeine will keep me awake during the day. Start off answering emails, paperwork, and requests. Get a refill. Then focus on my real work through the afternoon. Last refill. Finish off the day talking with a client about our exciting project.

What’s in your mug? Do you use a lot of sugar and cream or nothing at all? Are you like me and add a little bit of “Grandpa’s Cough Syrup” to kick off the weekend? Maybe you have another daily ritual?

The Morning Cup of Coffee #502

color pencil and pen on Bristol paper


2.5" x 3.5" (6.35 cm x 8.89 cm)

© copyright Mike Kraus Art Inc.

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Mike Kraus was born on the industrial shoreline of Muskegon, Michigan. After earning his Fine Arts Degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he attended Grand Valley State University for his graduate degree. From there, he gained varied experiences from the Chicago Architecture Foundation, Art Institute of Chicago, Hauenstein Center For Presidential Studies, Lollypop Farm Humane Society, and the Children’s Memorial Foundation. And every place he worked, he had his sketchbook with him and found ways to be actively creative. In 2014, Kraus became a full-time artist by establishing Mike Kraus Art. Since then, he has sold thousands of paintings that are displayed in nearly every state and dozens of countries. Currently, Kraus lives in Rochester, New York with his beautiful wife and goofy dog.

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