Tips For Working At Home: Be You

Mike Kraus
4 min readApr 8, 2021

Be You

Coronavirus (Covid-19) may have changed many things, but it hasn’t changed who we are as individuals. If you can figure out who you are and how to be yourself, you’ll be so much happier. All of us have unique eccentricities and different challenges. Here are some ideas about how to embrace ourselves during uncertain times.

1) Who Am I and Who Do I Want To Be? — We all get lost. Beliefs collide with experiences to make us hypocrites. So, we have to be patient, flexible, and understanding to others and ourselves.

Personally, I was having lots of troubles a few years ago. Upon reflection, I realized I needed to work at being a better person. But, what did that mean to me? My answer was to put truth, fairness, and kindness into action. Sometimes there are grey areas, I forget and fail, or I stubbornly cling to wishful thinking. Yet, it always comes back and I will myself to do the right thing.

2) Who Cares What They Think? — If you don’t choose for yourself; someone else will choose for you. You’ll lose your personal identity, lessen your self-esteem, waste time and energy on other people’s pet projects, and have unfulfilling relationships. That doesn’t mean you’re selfishly not taking other’s into consideration. It just means you’re taking yourself into consideration as well. And that’s healthy.

3) Being Alone — Use this isolation to discover who you really are. What are your thoughts, interests, feelings, dreams, and ideas? Turn off the smartphone and TV to listen to yourself.

4) You’re Weird — Good! Weird is interesting. Weird is fun. Love it because it means you’re probably doing something right. It’s a compliment; not an insult.

5) Build Confidence — Imagine who you want to be. Ignore self-doubt. Set some achievable goals. Share goals with a supportive friend. Help the supportive friend with their goals.

6) “Pobody’s Nerfect” — Most likely, it’s your first time going through life. You’ll accidentally insult your boss, regret some decisions, and forget someone’s birthday. Admit the error, apologize, make a kind gesture, and move on.

7) Get a Hobby — Find something you love to do. It can be painting, sculpture, sewing, writing, photography, printing, volunteering for a cause, fitness, biking, hiking, woodworking, learn a new language, making models, magic, juggling, fishing, running, dancing, swimming, geo-caching, surfing, astronomy, model rockets, bird watching, researching ancestry, history of a specific event, card games, pool, darts, home brewing, wine tasting, music, collecting and so, so very much more.

8) Hooray For Mistakes! — Mistakes are great as long as you learn from them. It means you’re still experimenting and trying new things. Just remember to admit your errors, ask yourself honest questions about your decisions, find effective way to prevent future problems, and move on.

Or it could be a new discovery. A few “mistakes” lead to the creation of the plastic, Post-It Notes, the Slinky, Penicillin, corn flakes, the Pacemaker, and so much more. As Bob Ross says, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.


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